COVID-19 Awareness in the Workplace

2020 is the year that everyone’s “normal” changes! Within a short period of time, the coronavirus change our lives, including how we work, almost beyond recognition. With social distancing, enhanced hygiene requirements, and new working practices in place, almost everyone has been affected in some way.

This course can benefit both employers and employees in implementing simple strategies that will allow employees to become more efficient, work happier, and ease back to a normal working day, ensuring that they remain safe and compliant with respect to the ongoing risks of the coronavirus. It is ALSO important that you comply with the law and understand the positive impact this training course can have on your organization and employees. It’s your route to working safely!

As part of a comprehensive business continuity plan and to ensure compliance with government guidelines, employees should be trained in COVID-19 safe working procedures.

Delivery is via “The Tillycroy Virtual Academy.”

This live interactive virtual training course will give employees the tools to assist them in assessing and working with the specific hazards and risks presented by COVID-19 in their own workplace.

Our LIVE-based learning model allows a classroom style, interactive experience from any location you choose, delivered by an instructor. This is not just another webinar. Throughout the course, we will ensure the delegates have a full understanding of their responsibilities in order to protect themselves, their colleagues, CLIENTS, AND YOUR BUSINESS.

Course Content:

What is coronavirus?

The Origins of COVID-19

What Is a Virus?

How Is a Virus Spread and Transmitted?

Infection Control

What are the Signs and Symptoms 

What can you do to help yourself?


Employers’ Responsibilities

Employees’ Responsibilities


Risk Assessment

Hand Hygiene

Respiratory Hygiene

Cleaning Schedule Guidance

Management of Waste

Knowledge Check

Where to Stay Informed

This virtual training is design to provide essential COVID-19 workplace awareness. Typical delivery methods are practical, and the course is assessed by observation of candidate performance and a brief online knowledge check questionnaire.


Training requires:

  • Minimum tutor contact time of one hour
  • Successful completion will result in the candidate gaining a Tillycroy Services certificate in “Covid-19 Awareness in the Workplace.”

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