LOLER Appointed Person


To train delegates in the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER) and how they apply in the workplace, to the need for lifting plans, and how to construct lifting plans for specific tasks

This course is theoretical, during which delegates will be require to demonstrate their level of knowledge and understanding of the training program content.


By the end of this training program delegates will:

  • Be aware of the requirements of the LOLER regulations and other relevant regulations.
  • Be familiar with the requirements impose by the regulations and how they affect their organization.
  • Be able to interpret information from the regulations.
  • Be able to interpret information from a LOLER lifting plan.
  • Be able to gather information to enable them to construct a suitable lifting plan.
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to plan out the lifting operation with regards to safety, and implement, audit, and update the plan as require.
  • Be able to construct a detailed lifting plan using different methods.

Target Audience:

This course is aimed at personnel with the responsibility for the planning and risk assessment of lifting operations in their organisation.

Course duration: Two Days

Moreover, courses can be delivered either at our Training Centre in Aberdeen or on-location if required

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