“The course was very informative, I feel a lot more confident knowing what’s expected of me in the workplace”.

B.M | 23rd Mar 2018

“Enjoyable and relaxed teaching whilst being very engaging and informative”.

S.M | 17th Mar 2018

“The trainer is clearly a very knowledgeable instructor and took care to ensure the course was carried out in detail”.

T.O | 6th Mar 2018

“Well instructed and good clear demonstrations of situations, allowing scenarios to be carried out with some confidence”.

J.A | 21st Feb 2018

“It was presented and explained well. This was a one-one course so was conducted at a good pace”.

D.P | 28th Jan 2018

“I found the course very useful and now feel confident going back to my place of work with the skills I have learned today”.

G.O | 7th Dec 2017

“No negative comments, enjoyed the whole day and worth the time and money”.

Y.C | 22nd Nov 2017

“I found the training to be extremely beneficial, not only giving practical direction but also providing a general understanding of good dog care and legislative requirements”.

I.F | 18th Nov 2017

“Alister was great at building rapport with everyone in the room. My confidence was much greater by the end of the day. Instructions were clear/easy to understand and follow. Many thanks”.

J.B | 14th Nov 2017

“Thoroughly enjoyed my day. Learned some new interesting facts. Definitely feel more confident in applying first aid”.

A.L | 6th Oct 2017

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