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Basic First Aid

Empower Yourself with Life-Saving Skills

At Tillycroy Support Services, we believe that everyone should have the knowledge and confidence to respond effectively in emergency situations. Whether you’re a concerned parent, a dedicated professional, or simply someone who wants to make a difference, our comprehensive first aid courses are designed to empower you with the skills and confidence to act when it matters most.

Benefits of Learning First Aid:

Life-saving Skills:

Learning first aid equips individuals with essential skills to respond effectively in emergencies, potentially saving lives by providing immediate assistance until professional help arrives.

Increased Confidence:

Acquiring first aid knowledge instils confidence in one’s ability to handle emergency situations, reducing panic and promoting a calm and collected response.

Fast Response Time:

First aid training emphasises the importance of quick and efficient responses, reducing the time it takes to administer critical care in emergency scenarios.

Prevention of Further Injury:

With first aid skills, individuals can take immediate action to prevent injuries from worsening, minimizing the impact of accidents and increasing the chances of a full recovery.

Promotion of Safety Awareness:

First aid training fosters a heightened awareness of safety measures, encouraging individuals to create safer environments and recognise potential hazards.


Learning first aid empowers individuals to take an active role in the well-being of their communities. This sense of empowerment extends to being able to help not only oneself but also others in times of need.

Improved Team Dynamics:

In group settings, such as workplaces or community organizations, first aid training promotes a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility for the safety and well-being of all members.

Risk Reduction:

First aid knowledge aids in identifying potential risks and taking preventive measures, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries in various environments.

Why Choose Tillycroy for Aberdeen First Aid?

Expert Instructors, Comprehensive Training

Our team of certified instructors brings a wealth of real-world experience to the classroom. From basic first aid to advanced life support techniques, our courses cover a wide range of topics to ensure you are well-prepared for any emergency. We understand that each individual and organisation has unique needs, which is why we offer tailored training programs to suit your specific requirements.

Interactive Learning for Lasting Impact

Learning first aid shouldn’t be a passive experience. That’s why our courses are designed to be interactive and engaging. Through hands-on simulations, group activities, and real-life scenarios, you’ll gain practical experience that will stay with you long after the course is complete. Our goal is not just to teach you the steps but to instil the confidence to act decisively when it matters.

Our Courses

First Aid training Course Aberdeen, First Aid Course Aberdeenshire

Emergency First Aid & First Aid at Work

Our courses are packed with useful information and techniques that empower and allow people like you to assist others in times of need. The topics that are covered include roles & responsibilities, dealing with collapse (with and without breathing), choking bleeding, shock, seizures, minor workplace incidents, and using a first aid kit. This qualification is designed to provide essential life-saving skills, and the typical delivery methods are predominantly practical.

Outdoor First Aid Course Aberdeen

Outdoor First Aid

Our Outdoor courses are all recognised by all of the UK and are for those working away from immediate assistance (more than 30 mins) in the remote and rural regions of the UK. This outdoor course covers a range of topics including roles & responsibilities, dealing with collapse (with and without breathing), choking, bleeding shock, major illnesses, torso and limb injuries, environmental effects, heat, and cold injuries, using a first aid kit, outdoor specific scenarios, and outdoor incident management, answering queries such as when or how to remove boots, helmets and looking after a casualty for some hours.

First Aid Training Course Aberdeen

Sports and Fitness First Aid

Our fitness course covers a wide range of content that includes return-to-play decisions, and managing specialist sports kits such as gum shields. When to and not to use ice, and sports-specific first aid such as managing to wind, blows to testicles, dead leg, possible compartment syndrome, assisting from the pitch, and other sports-related first aid concerns.

First aid training Aberdeen

First Aid for Schools and Colleges

This fantastic qualification is intended to provide the learner with the skills to deliver First Aid within an educational environment. The topics include the roles and responsibilities of a first aider, planning for and dealing with first aid emergencies involving children and adults including, CPR, shock, seizures, choking, blood loss, suspected fractures, and head, neck, spinal and chest injuries.

Paediatric first aid training Aberdeen

Paediatric First Aid

This Qualification is designed for workers caring for children in the absence of their parents. This qualification meets Ofsted requirements for those working in early years settings. Topics Include Planning for and dealing with first aid emergencies involving babies and children including, CPR, shock anaphylactic shock, electric shock, bleeding, burns and scalds. Choking, suspected fractures, head, each, and back injuries, poisoning, foreign bodies in eyes, ears, and noses, eye injuries, bites and stings, and effects of extreme heat and cold. Febrile convulsions, chronic medical conditions, including epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, meningitis, as well as other serious sudden illness.

Mental health first aid

Mental Health First Aid

This course is suitable for everyone as it provides learners with the knowledge to recognise a suspected mental health condition. The skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost a person towards professional help. The content that is taught includes what is mental health, mh in numbers, myth-busting, what is our role, mh issues, mh stigma, first aid procedure, workplace stress, eating disorders and more.

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