Banksman / Slinger Training


This Banksman / Slinger training will instruct employees involved in basic slinging and crane lifting operations to guide crane operators by hand and also radio signals, in both good and also restricted visibility. It will also allow them to safely carry out basic slinging operations.

Course Content:


  • Current legislation
  • Responsibilities of the banksman
  • Working with a crane
  • Crane hand and radio signals
  • Safe and correct methods of slinging
  • Use of tag lines


  • Inspection of equipment before use
  • Wire ropes & slinging
  • Round (endless) slinging
  • Shackles
  • Hooks
  • Eye bolts
  • Slinging of various loads
  • Banking/signaling crane using hand signals and radios in good and restricted visibility.
  • Correct procedures for stowage of lifting gear and procedures for dealing with damaged/faulty equipment.


A room must be provided for the theory session of the course which is suitable for the number of delegates attending. We will also require a safe area for the candidates to undertake their practical banksman/slinging assessment. All equipment to be used for the practical sessions must meet industry standards and be certified as fit for use.

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