Evacuation Chair – User Training


Evacuation chairs help to evacuate immobile or fragile people in an emergency down escape stairs. Correct handling of an evacuation chair is very important to avoid injury or strain. This Evacuation Chair – User Training trains staff on how to correctly, and confidently, use the Evacuation Chair in an emergency situation.

Course Content:


  • Current legislation
  • Responsibilities of the evacuation chair operator
  • Pre-use check of the chair
  • Get to know your chair
  • Safe and correct methods of operation
  • Practical use of chair


  • Inspection of equipment before use
  • Practical assessment of its use by the delegates


A room must be provided for the theory session of the course which is suitable for the number of delegates attending. We will also require a safe area for the candidates to undertake their practical assessment. All equipment to be used for the practical sessions must meet industry standards and be certified as fit for use.

Course duration: Half-day

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