Manual Handling


This training will give all employees who perform manual handling activities as an element of their job the knowledge and skills so that they can undertake workplace manual handling activities at minimum risk to themselves and their peers.

Course Content:

  • Current legislation
  • Statistics of injuries associated with manual handling incidents
  • Definition of manual handling
  • Anatomy and injuries to it
  • Mechanics of the spine
  • Risk assessment techniques as they relate to manual handling
  • Lifting Safely
  • Practical instruction and delegate participation on:-
Lifting and handling techniques and the use of any mechanical lifting aids provided by the client


A room must be provided for the theory session of the course which is suitable for the number of delegates attending. We will also require a safe area for the candidates to undertake their practical manual handling assessment. All equipment to be used for the practical sessions must meet industry standards and be certified as fit for use.

Course duration: half-day

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