MEWPS Operator – Novice & Refresher (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms)


To train new operators and or refresh the skills of current users in the workings of a mobile elevating work platform (MEWPS) in a working environment. Our trainer will provide the knowledge, instruction, and operating skills necessary for the safe operation of these vehicles. MEWPS Operator Training in Aberdeen.

MEWPS Course Content:

  • Current legislation including, HASAWA, PUWER, LOLER, WAHR & MHSW
  • Ground conditions for safe use.
  • Inspection, & correct use of harness and PPE
  • Operation environments
  • Rescue plans & emergency lowering
  • Overhead hazards
  • Risk Assessment
  • Principles of truck stability
  • Pre-use checks
  • Post-use checks
  • Safe access & egress from the vehicle
  • Safe starting, maneuvering, and stopping
  • The working area – general awareness
  • The use of hydraulic controls
  • Keeping the work area secure
  • Park and secure MEWP after use


Candidates will be expected to complete both a written test paper and successfully demonstrate their level of basic operator skills under test conditions to qualify.
A room must be provided for the theory session of the MEWPS course, which is suitable for the number of delegates attending. We will also require a safe area for the candidates to undertake their practical banksman/slinging assessment. All equipment to be used for the practical sessions must meet industry standards and be certified as fit for use.

Course duration: 

Novice: Two days

Experienced with no prior training: One day

Refresher: One day, evidence of previous MEWPS training will be required to be supplied prior to training commencing.

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