Overhead Gantry Crane


To train new operators and/or refresh the skills of current users in the workings of pendant-controlled overhead gantry cranes in a workshop and warehouse facility. Our trainer will provide the knowledge, instruction, and operating skills necessary for the safe operation of overhead traveling gantry cranes.

Course Content:

This training has both Classroom and Practical instruction elements

  • Legislation
  • Pre-start checks
  • Operational checks
  • Safe Systems of Work
  • Operating crane with various loads in good and restricted areas
  • Correct shutdown procedures
  • Correct slinging techniques
  • Load estimation
  • Calculation of angles & tensions
  • Lifting gear pre-use checks
  • Procedures for dealing with damaged or faulty equipment
  • Emergency procedures


Candidates will be expected to complete both a written assessment paper and successfully demonstrate their level of basic operator skills.

This training will be delivered at the client’s premises and a suitable room will be required for the theory session course. All equipment to be used for the practical sessions must meet industry standards and be certified as fit for use.

Course duration: one day for up to a maximum of six delegates per session.

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