Safe Selection, Mounting & Use of Abrasive Wheels


To impart the knowledge of the regulations and skills necessary for the safe selection, mounting, and use of abrasive wheels and reduce the risk of accidents. This course will give formal training to those responsible for the use of and the maintenance of abrasive wheels and associated equipment.

Course Content:

Classroom training on the following:-

  • Legislation
  • Hazards arising from the use of abrasive wheels
  • The marking of abrasive wheels, as to type and speed.
  • Storing, handling, and transportation
  • The function of all components used with abrasive wheels

Practical instruction & delegate assessment:-

  • Pre-use inspection
  • Correct use of PPE
  • Safe and correct method of mounting wheels
  • Correct use during grinding
  • Adjustment of the rest
  • Dressing and truing an Abrasive Wheel

The practical session will cover the use of bench/pedestal machines and portable machines as appropriate.

Candidates will be expected to complete both a written assessment paper and successfully demonstrate their level of basic operator skills.

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