Telescopic Handler Forklift Training

Courses available:

A. Industrial Telescopic
B. Up to 9 Metres
C. All sizes excluding 360 slew
D. All sizes including 360 slew
E. Telescopic Handler – Suspended Loads

Who is the course for?

This Telescopic Handler Forklift Training course provides instruction in the correct operation of Telescopic Handlers for operators who will be using such machines. It provides training as referred to in the laws relating to work equipment and health and safety.

Course Content:

  • Operate the machine for all normal tasks.
  • Decide whether a particular load is safe to lift.
  • Carry out routine servicing procedures and maintenance as necessary, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Know how the machine works and the maintenance requirements involved.
  • The purpose and capabilities of the machine and any relevant safety precautions necessary for its operation.
  • Understand the effect of load, size, weight, gradients, and ground conditions upon machine stability.
  • Know how to load, store and transport representative materials.
  • Understand the basic construction of pallets.

Candidates will be expected to complete both a written test paper and successfully demonstrate their level of basic operator skills under test conditions to qualify.

For refresher assessments, evidence of previous telescopic handler training will be required to be supplied prior to training commencing.

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