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Date Published: 9th Oct 2023

We as a company are very concerned like everyone else about Climate Change and the effects of it on the world, we live in. Did you know that Forest loss and damage is the cause of around 10% of global warming. There is no way we can fight the climate crisis if deforestation isn’t stopped.

We have been looking at how we can help, and we are very excited to share that we are now a Climate Positive Company.

What does this mean you may ask!

As a first step we have joined ReviewForest. The project we have chosen is the Eden Reforestation Project which supports local communities in providing them with fair wages jobs and opportunity for a better future, while also restoring a diverse range of native forests in Madagascar. The non-profit organization is planting more than 67 different native tree species in north-western Madagascar. The trees are planted on different planting sites, ranging from mangrove estuaries to tropical dry deciduous forests. Healthy native forests are evolving, creating a home to more than 200,000 species of plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

For every review left on ReviewForest we will plant a tree in you name. We will send you a certificate to show your tree has been planted, in addition you could display this within your business to show that you too care about our planet.

We would really appreciate your help by considering leaving us a review, it can be done by clicking on the link

Minutes will do this. What are a few minutes of your time against the clock ticking for future generations of the planet. To make it even easier you can use the QR code below to help you reach our page.

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