Driver CPC – Deadline 09/09/19

Date Published: 2nd Apr 2019

Have you started working towards your deadline? – 9th September 2019!

With the deadline for Driver CPC now just 5 months away it has never been more important for employers and drivers to have access to quality training that helps to improve the safety of all drivers – not just those who drive professionally. Many drivers CPC cards will expire in September this year and if you employ any of these driver’s they must have 35 hours of periodic training by then.

Professional LGV drivers play such an important role in our logistics and transport sector and it is important to provide comprehensive training to help keep them safe and confident in their workplace. Safety is hugely important in workplace transport. It saves lives and ensures your business is not hit with unexpected costs.

Tillycroy Support Services are members of The RTITB Master Driver Consortium and deliver quality training that helps keep drivers engaged and removes the “death by PowerPoint” feeling often associated with Driver CPC training. Our courses do not just “tick a box”, they deliver real improvements. We are able to deliver an interactive and innovative approach to Driver CPC through videos, discussions and practical sessions that help drivers walk away with new skills and knowledge regardless of how long they may have been on the road for.

There are over 110 topics to choose from including a new Master Driver CPC course which has recently been launched by RTITB called Counterterrorism Measures for the Professional LGV Driver.

This is in response to recent terror attacks that have seen vehicles used as weapons across the UK and Europe and Tillycroy Support Services are one of the first training centres to deliver this module in the UK.

As of October 2018, the threat level of terrorism in the UK, has been set by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre and the Security Service (MI5) at “severe”, meaning that an attack is “highly likely”.

Although statistically the risk of incident is relatively low for individual LGV Drivers, in these uncertain times it is important for all drivers to learn how the threat of terrorism affects them, as well as to equip them with the skills and knowledge to help prevent incidents.

As weapons, LGVs are more easily accessible than guns or bombs which may need to be imported or manufactured. For example, a terrorist could obtain an LGV through hijacking, by stealing an unattended vehicle, or with the right paperwork, even by simply renting one. Through identifying when they are most at risk, such as at night when sleeping in cabs or leaving vehicles unattended, or when driving through ports, drivers taking the new RTITB course will learn preventative steps and techniques to minimise vehicle security risks. To empower them to become more vigilant in their day to day operations, drivers will also learn how to spot key signs of suspicious behaviour, so that they can confidently identify and report any suspicious activity.

Drivers will also learn what steps they can take in the event of a terrorist incident, covering attacks on site, in their vehicles and in public. This is an ideal topic for LGV drivers who drive throughout Europe.

We have a large selection of dates and modules available for booking now. If you require further information or would like to make a booking please get in touch by either telephone or email.

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