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Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes, rugged terrains, and outdoor pursuits draw enthusiasts from all walks of life. Amidst the natural beauty lies the potential for unexpected emergencies, making outdoor first-aid training a crucial skill. This exploration delves into Outdoor First Aid in Scotland, highlighting the unique challenges posed by the country’s diverse outdoor environments and showcasing how Tillycroy Support Services stands as a beacon for comprehensive and specialised training.

Scotland, renowned for its mountains, glens, and coastline, offers a vast playground for outdoor activities. From hiking the Munros to exploring ancient woodlands, individuals find solace and adventure in the embrace of the Scottish wilderness. However, with adventure comes responsibility. Being equipped with outdoor first aid skills becomes imperative for anyone venturing into these terrains, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Our Outdoor First Aid Courses:

Outdoor First Aid Course Aberdeen

ITC Level 3 Award In Outdoor First Aid Course:

This Outdoor First Aid course qualification, designed for those working in remote and rural regions of the UK where immediate assistance may be more than 30 minutes away, is externally regulated and aligns with the national qualifications frameworks of England and Wales. The ITC Level 3 Outdoor First Aid course is widely recognized throughout the UK and is particularly favoured by experienced practitioners in outdoor settings. Catering to workers in rural and remote areas, it also maintains the license to practice for individuals with Outdoor National Governing Body Instructor awards. Meeting the Institute for Outdoor Learning’s Statement of Good Practice for Outdoor First Aid Training at Band 3, the course covers various topics, including environmental effects, major illnesses, and outdoor incident management.

The course emphasises practical delivery methods, conducted outdoors in relevant terrains and clothing, with continual observation assessing candidate performance. Accredited by the Institute of Outdoor Learning (IOL), it requires a minimum tutor contact time of 16 hours, a 1:12 tutor-to-candidate ratio, completion within 9 weeks, and sessions lasting at least 2 hours. Successful completion awards the ITC Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid, valid for three years, with revalidation recommended through attendance at a similar course after this period. This comprehensive qualification equips individuals with outdoor incident management skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle emergencies in challenging and remote environments.

Outdoor First aid Aberdeen

ITC Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid Emergency Action:

The ITC Level 3 in Outdoor First Aid Emergency Action qualification is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of ground-based outdoor workers and support practitioners in the UK. Externally regulated, this qualification adheres to the standards necessary to be included in the national qualifications frameworks of England and Wales. Tailored for individuals working in rural and remote settings, it is particularly suitable for those with certain Outdoor National Governing Body Instructor awards, maintaining their license to practice. The course aligns with the Institute for Outdoor Learning Statement of Good Practice for Outdoor First Aid Training Framework at Band 2.

In terms of delivery, the comprehensive course covers a range of topics, including roles and responsibilities, collapse management, choking, bleeding, shock, various illnesses, and environmental effects, encompassing both heat and cold injuries. The syllabus also addresses the use of a first aid kit, outdoor-specific scenarios, and outdoor incident management techniques.

Emphasising practicality, the typical delivery methods involve outdoor settings, with participants donning appropriate clothing and navigating diverse terrains. Continuous observation of candidate performance forms the basis of assessment.

Noteworthy features of this qualification include a minimum tutor contact time of 8 hours (excluding breaks), maintaining a 1:12 tutor-to-candidate ratio, completion within 9 weeks of starting and ensuring each delivery session spans a minimum of 2 hours. Successful completion results in the attainment of the ITC Level 3 Award in Outdoor First Aid Emergency Action, with a valid license to practice for a lifetime of 3 years from the date of completion. Revalidation is mandated after 3 years, with candidates required to attend a similar course to stay abreast of the latest protocols and techniques in outdoor incident management.

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Why Choose Tillycroy?

At Tillycroy Support Services, we understand that choosing the right training provider is crucial for acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to make a difference in emergencies. Here are compelling reasons why Tillycroy should be your preferred choice:

Expertise in Diverse Training:

Tillycroy Support Services offers a wide range of training programs, from basic first aid to specialized courses such as paediatric first aid and sports-related first aid. Our expertise spans various domains, ensuring that you receive comprehensive and tailored training to meet your specific needs.

Accreditation and Compliance:

Our courses meet the highest standards of accreditation and compliance, ensuring that the training you receive aligns with industry regulations and requirements. Tillycroy’s commitment to quality is reflected in certifications that hold value in various professional and organisational settings.

Customised Learning Environments:

Recognising that each learner is unique, Tillycroy provides flexible learning environments. Whether you prefer traditional classroom settings, online courses, or on-site training at your location, we adapt to your preferences to enhance your learning experience.

Experienced and Certified Instructors:

Tillycroy’s team of instructors comprises certified professionals with real-world experience. Their expertise not only enriches the learning process but also ensures that you receive practical insights that go beyond theoretical knowledge.

Interactive and Hands-On Training:

We believe in the power of experiential learning. Tillycroy’s training sessions are not just lectures; they are interactive and hands-on experiences. Engage in simulations, collaborative exercises, and real-world scenarios to reinforce your skills.

In the heart of Scotland’s wilderness, where adventure meets the untamed beauty of nature, Tillycroy Support Services stands as a beacon for Outdoor First Aid training. Our commitment to equipping individuals with the skills to navigate emergencies in remote settings reflects the essence of responsible outdoor exploration. Join Tillycroy in embracing the Scottish outdoors with confidence, knowing that you are prepared to handle whatever challenges nature may present. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, a guide, or part of an organisation, Tillycroy’s Outdoor First Aid courses empower you to explore Scotland’s wilderness safely and responsibly.

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