Overhead Gantry Crane Training

Overhead Gantry Crane training aberdeen

Overhead Gantry Crane Training

The Benefits and Why Tillycroy Services is the Right Choice for You

Overhead Gantry Crane (OGC) is a type of industrial crane that operates in a warehouse or manufacturing facility. This crane is used to lift and move heavy loads over a workspace, enabling workers to load and unload products efficiently, safely and quickly. As a result, OGC is one of the most common types of cranes found in warehouses and large manufacturing plants. For those working with these cranes, it is important to understand the benefits of having proper training, and why Tillycroy Services is the right choice for your training needs.

Benefits of Overhead Gantry Crane Training

The benefits of undergoing OGC training are multifaceted. In fact, when workers undergo this type of training, they obtain the following benefits:

1. Reducing Workplace Accidents

The OGC is a heavy and powerful piece of equipment that, when not operated correctly or properly maintained, can result in serious injury or even death. With proper training, workers learn how to use the crane safely and how to perform daily maintenance, thereby reducing the potential for accidents.

2. Reducing Equipment Damage

Operators who have undergone OGC training will have a comprehensive understanding of how the crane works, and how to use it correctly. With this knowledge, workers are less likely to damage the crane through misuse or operator error.

3. Lower Operating Costs

By reducing equipment and workplace accidents, workers who have undergone OGC training help to lower the total operating costs associated with running a business. This is because accidents and equipment damage are usually costly and can lead to downtime and repairs.

4. Better Compliance

Like any other piece of equipment, an overhead gantry crane requires workers to comply with certain rules and regulations. By attending OGC training, workers have a better understanding of what the law requires, and how they can ensure compliance, thereby reducing the risk of costly fines and legal action.

Why Choose Tillycroy Services for Overhead Gantry Crane Training?

There are several reasons why Tillycroy Services should be your go-to training provider for OGC training.

1. Affordable Training

Tillycroy Services provides affordable OGC training, ensuring that businesses and workers can access the training they need to use the equipment safely and effectively.

2. High-Quality Training

The training offered by Tillycroy Services is always of high quality, ensuring that workers understand the critical elements of OGC operations, maintenance, and health and safety procedures.

3. Industry-Specific Training

Overhead Gantry Cranes are used in a variety of industries, from manufacturing and warehousing, to construction and mining. Tillycroy Services provides industry-specific training, ensuring that workers are taught the skills required for their specific industry.

4. Experienced and Qualified Trainers

Tillycroy Services employs experienced and qualified trainers, who have the knowledge and skills necessary to teach OGC users how to use the equipment effectively and safely.

5. Personalized Training Plans

Tillycroy Services provides personalized training plans to its clients, based on their specific needs and the demands of their industry. This enables businesses and workers to receive training that is relevant and specific to their needs.

Overhead Gantry Cranes are an essential piece of equipment for many industries, but they can be dangerous when not used correctly. That is why it is essential to have the correct training to operate them safely and efficiently. Tillycroy Services offers affordable, high-quality, industry-specific overhead gantry crane training, taught by experienced and qualified trainers. With personalized training plans and an emphasis on health and safety, Tillycroy Services is the right choice for businesses and workers looking to remain safe, compliant and productive on the job. So check out our Training Courses and be ready for anything.

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